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It is interesting that our current website poll asks the question as to whether the Church should be more political in the run up to next month's general election.  It is interesting because, as thing stands today, the answer is an overwhelming "yes".

Tonight, 22nd May, 2017, I attended the Ilkley General Election Hustings, that was hosted by Churches Together in Ilkley.  Christchurch was packed, but I didn't see anyone else from the Baptist Church; maybe they were just too far away from me, or perhaps we afre already clued up on local politics?

All six Parliamentary candidates were present - Conservative, Labour, Lib Dem, Green Party, UKIP and one Independent.

Pat Dearnley, in his unique style, opened up with his usual straight forward style of question.  "What are you going to do about Christian Aid, and would you increase our percentage of giving from GDP?"  Two candidates thought that our priorities should be at home, two thought we should maintain the staus quo, and two would have liked to increase our giving.

Local issues were addressed - the incinerator, school funding deficit, Airedale Hospital and the NHS service in this area.  Brexit was mentioned, funnily enough, with the Green Party clearly stating that they may have another referndum.

90 minutes flew by, and credit must go to the CTI team for hosting this, and to Rob Hilton for "umpiring" the event!

How would I vote?  Well, as many know, I am a Scottish Nationalist at heart, so the issues that mattered more to me were the Ilkley issues.  On the night, and based on on local issues,  I thought the Labour Candidate, John Grogan, just shaded the debate - but I'm not saying who I will vote for!

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