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I recently attended a meeting of the Christian Institute at Christ Church in Bradford.  Now, I want to make it quite clear that the Christian Institute and myself have differences in the way we operate, and I do not agree with everything they say.

What they are very good at, though, is putting Christianity forward in a Secular world.  As such, they bring issues to us, that we might not ordinarily hear about.  One of those issues is the proposed inspection of Churches by OFSTED.  This will be triggered when more than six hours of teaching takes place for any child.

The Christian Institure explains:

"Many churches will be caught because children can attend multiple events in one week. In addition to Sunday school, a particular child could also attend a baptism or confirmation class, choir practice and youth group. These will be added together (‘aggregated’) to give the total time a child spends under instruction by the church. One-off events such as holiday Bible clubs would also be counted.

A child may exceed 6 hours’ attendance every week, or just for some weeks of the year. Registration is triggered in both cases. This results in all activities, including the Sunday school, being subject to potential inspection."

You can read more about the issue on the Christian Institute website, by clicking here.

I feel that we should not become isolationists here - just because we don't have regular children in tuition, doesn't mean that we shouldn't oppose this matter.  This is State interference with the Church, and OFSTED has a reputation of being strongly secular and not willing to accept Christian opposition to some secular desires.  

What can we do?  The first step is to write to, or email, your MP, who is now John Grogan for Ilkley.  Tell him how unfair this is, and let's see what he makes of the situation.

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