Beyond Borders reports that much of what they had achieved in helping the poorest in Haiti to make a living has been destroyed by Hurricane Matthew.  Many of the homes have been destroyed, their gardens, livestock and goods they used to make a living have all gone.  As Freda put it, "The littlest had the least, and they lost it all.  Beyond Borders deepest commitment as an organisation is to be most attentive to the smallest and the least. 
Right now they have decided that they want to accompany 100 families hit the hardest, that have the least ability to recover or rebuild on their own, especially vulnerable families with young children.  They will commit to stand by these families for up to 18 months, providing help, support and training to enable them to become self-sufficient once more.   Money is needed to do this vital work.
Wings of Hope at Jacmell was hard hit, but has withstood the worst of the storm thanks to the strong new building.  However the poorest families supported by the Home have suffered loss of homes and food.  Wings of Hope are reaching out to help these families, providing food and shelter and supporting them in restoring crops and livestock.  The storm may have passed but there is still a very long road ahead.
Donations made to Ilkley Haiti Fund will be sent out immediately to support the work undertaken by these two charities.  As always we can promise to be wise stewards of your gifts. 
Cheques made payable to Ilkley Haiti Fund can be sent to Anne Wilkinson  6, Eaton Road Ilkley LS29 9PU or left at Ilkley Baptist Church.  Thank You for your concern.    

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