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  • Whether you are a member of our congregation, a visitor to the area, or someone who is just curious about what happens in the Church, you are all equally welcome!

    We are a small but, we believe, a very welcoming and friendly Church sited in the historic town of Ilkley, West Yorkshire.

    We meet to worship every Sunday at 10.45am and most Sundays at 6-30pm, when we are joined by members of other denominations, as few churches in Ilkley have an evening service.  Communion is normally served at the second morning service of the month (and the fifth if there is one!) as well as on the fourth evening of the month.

    We also run a number of additional activities during the week. More information can be found in our Church Life section.

    The Church is fitted with an Induction loop system for those hard of hearing. We have wheelchair access via a ramp and we also have facilities for the less able.

    If you are in the area and looking for a place to worship, we would love to see you at our services or events.


  • WWW day

    Sunday, 30th April is WWW day!  You might never have heard of WWW Day, as we've only just invented it!

    We have three "W"s that day, and the first one stands for WORSHIP.  We kick off a busy day with our regular 10-45am service, which will feature Communion.

    Tea and coffee are served after the service in the Church Lounge, and we wlecome everyone to worship with us.

    The second "W" of the day stands for WATCH. The Tour de Yorkshire passes through Ilkley at 12-45pm today, and the route is only a few minutes away from the church.  Why not Worship with us, have a cup of tea, and then get out in plenty of time to see the leaders and the peloton cycling through Ilkley?

    Please bear in mind if coming to see the race that there will be road closures in place before and after the race, so getting here in plenty of time is an advantage.  Our Church Lounge will remain open to anybody until 3pm, to allow anyone who wants to bring their own food to have a comfortable place to eat it!

    Our third "W" of the day is WITNESS, and you can do that at our 6-30pm Praise and Worship Service.  We hope to feature live music at this service, and with a contemprary feel to it.  We shall be joined at this service by a speaker from Christians Against Poverty (CAP) who will help us launch our first CAP Money Course, which starts on 9th May.

    If you have spent the day in Ilkley and maybe gone for a walk (should it be WWWW?) on the moors after the Tour de Yorkshire passes on, what better way to finish the day?  Modern music, an interesting speaker on a worthy project, and no sermon as well!  

    You can learn more about Christians Against Poverfty by clicking here


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